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First, welcome to my LJ page! Second, not all of my fics are on here, I'm trying to get this updated but you can find every story I've written on my ff.net page. I also have an ao3, which is currently being updated.
All my fic is Supernatural, and it's mostly hurt!Sam. I've sorted everything into 'verses, multi-chapter, and stand-alones. Thanks for stopping by!


Sam I Am
Sam disapeared when he was fifteen. Two years later, John and Dean get him back, but Sam isn't the same anymore. Pre-series.
On AO3 (Not completely updated) and FF.net (complete)

White Lies
Little White Lies - Stuck in a forest, with a storm on its way, Sam and Dean can't find their dad. Pre-series. Part 1|Part 2
(More coming soon!)

The Patchwork Boy
Sam is left in the hospital following a dangerous hunt while John and Dean go back to finish the job. Despite his injuries, Sam goes after them when he realises they are in danger. Pre-series. Part 1|Part 2
The Patchwork Boyfriend
She loved him, all of him, even his secrets. A follow-up from Jess' POV, Stanford era. Here.

Keep the Empty from his Eyes
John gets what he wished for, Sam pays the price. Pre-series. Chapter 1|Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4|Chapter 5|Chapter 6: part 1|Chapter 6: part 2

The Road's White Picket Fence (coming soon!)


The Crow Calls
Sam got sick so quickly, swallowed by a fever in a matter of hours. Pre-series. Here.

This was the End
The Dead rule the world. Just another day for the Winchesters, until it isn't. Apocalypse AU. Here.

Little Boy Blue
Sam parted for Stanford on good terms with his family. When John and Dean go to visit him, they know right away that something isn't right. Here.

A full moon. Bodies drained of blood. Sulphur. Some cases just don't make any sense. Season 2. Here.

Sam's deepest, darkest desire. Tag to 11.13.Here.

Swallow Me Whole
Sam turned Ruby away after Dean went to Hell and found something to help him sleep. Here.

Wind Chimes
John and Dean have to identify a body. Here.

Maybe It's For The Best
Sam's sick. Real sick. And maybe it's time for the Winchesters to put their stubborness aside and figure something out. Here.

Gone Boy
Sam doesn't sleep for three days after Dean dies. Tag to 3x16. Here.

I've got eyes and now I see
He wakes up with a headache and dark dreams playing through his mind. Season 2. Here


Fic: Lockbox

Title: Lockbox
Summary: You've been here before. Incarcaration is no stranger to you.
Word Count: 900-ish
Author's Notes: Coda to 12x08. Written in the second person.
Cue rant: The idea for this popped into my head earlier today and I scribbled it all down in less than an hour. Honestly, I'm not loving season twelve so far, I'm feeling mostly 'meh' about it. I was especially disappointed with the mid-season finale, but I admit the idea of seeing the Winchesters in prison again is a little exciting, I'm hoping for an epic prison break and emotional reunions (it's only fair since we got no brother moment in 12x02). I think it makes sense that Sam would struggle with being imprisoned after over a century in The Cage, forced detoxes etc. But I doubt the show will go there, since they've ignored this aspect of Sam's story where convenient in the past. Are you sensing my inner bitter Sam girl rising to the surface? This is basically an early fix-it fic for the next episode which hasn't aired yet.

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Fic: The Circle

Title: The Circle
Summary: Sam attends support group.
Word Count: 1348
Author's Note: Set post episode 11x14 'The Vessel'. Mentions of rape and sexual assault.

Sam doesn't know why he's here.Collapse )
Title: Oh, all the money that e're I had, I spent it in good company
Summary: Dad's gone. Food is running out. Dean keeps them both going.
Word Count: 900 aprox
Author's Note: An exploration of Sam and Dean's childhood, how they managed without the support of their father while he was hunting. This does not shed a positive light on John, as my fics usually do, and it portrays serious child neglect. The style of writing is very experimental, too. Basically, this is just a lot of playing around with words.

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Title: In Which We Create A Supernova Together
Summary: Sam's a little drunk. Brady might be, too. The two of them learn something.
Pairing: Sam/Brady
Word Count: 1,567
Author's Notes: Um... I wrote smut for the first time ever? This is Sam and Brady at Stanford (it's kind of a headcanon of mine hehe) Drunken antics and hot stuff on a dorm room bed.

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Art for Feathers and Claws

Here is the art I made for themegalosaurus' fic Feathers and Claws. for the quicky_bang challenge.

Fic summary: "You're doing it wrong," Sam wants to say, but the devil in his mouth won't let him.
Fic Wordcount: 893

I was going for a Rennaissance-style biblical tragedy... not sure how successful I was on that, but I am really pleased with how it turned out.

The full image:

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Fic: The Cold

Title: The Cold
Summary: A man is cheated by John Winchester and he decides to take what he's owed.
Word Count: 3,571
Author's Note: Based on a prompt. Thanks to winchesterpooja for helping with the medical facts :) Warning: this is a bit dark and bloody.

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Conversations With The Dead - Masterpost

Title: Conversations With The Dead
Author: lennelle
Artist: dollarformyname
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 29,534
Warnings: Harm against children, self harm, mental health issues, language, body horror
First, thanks to the mods at the spnhorrorbang for organising everything and just generally being amazing.

My amazingly talented artist, Lisa (dollarformyname), who created the most wonderful illustrations. She created a beautiful mix or horrifying and hopeful. I feel so lucky that she decided to claim my fic and I'm not entirely sure I'm worthy of her. Go look at all of her beautiful artwork for this fic in her masterpost!

My wonderful beta, Emily (soy-em) who was like a knight in shining armour come to respond to my desperate call on tumblr. She was so helpful and thoughtful with this story. She's a total peach and an absolute pro, beta'ing this fic like a freakin' ninja.

And a special thanks to the lovely Pooja (winchesterpooja), who helped me figure out the ending to this story, and who has been a very comfortable shoulder to lean on through the entire process of my first ever bigbang.

Summary:Sometimes, a parent might tuck in their child at night and find an empty bed in the morning.

In 1996, Sam Winchester vanished in an empty room. He reappeared two months later with missing hair, bruises and vacant eyes.

By 2000, Dean Winchester is a hunter in his own right. He travels to Minnesota where his brother now lives with Pastor Jim, a long-time friend of their father's. The thing is, John Winchester recently went into the house that ruined his youngest son and he never came back out. Thing is, Sam is the only person who knows what's in the house. Thing is, Sam Winchester hasn't spoken in four years.



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