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[sticky post] Fic Masterlist

First, welcome to my LJ page! Second, not all of my fics are on here, I'm trying to get this updated but you can find every story I've written on my ff.net page. I also have an ao3.
All my fic is Supernatural, and it's mostly hurt!Sam. I've sorted everything into 'verses, multi-chapter, and stand-alones. Thanks for stopping by!

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Eldritch Bang is a'go!

Sign-ups open August 1-15! Click banner for more details.

I'm modding my very first bang this, along with 2 other horror enthusiasts. Things are about to get very spooky this All Hallows' Eve! If you are a lover of all things that lurk in the dark or go bump in the night, click on the banner abover and check it out!

Also, banners are available for you to show off on your own livejournal page! Just go to spneldritchbang and pick your favourite (or two, or all three!).

Sign-ups open August 1-15! Click banner for more details.

Sign-ups open August 1-15! Click banner for more details.

Fic: Wanderer

Title: Wanderer
Summary: Sam's name takes up the centre of the phone's screen. Dean jolts, fully awake now. He looks to the other bed and finds it empty, the sheets heaped and half hanging off the mattress.
Rating: T
Warnings: Mental health issues, horror imagery
Notes: Written for ohsam's birthday meme. Prompt came from cowboyguy - "Just stay right there. I'm coming to get you, okay?"

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An update of sorts + fic recs for you!

Not sure if anyone will actually read this, but here goes. Rambles and fic recs below:

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fic: Between

Title: Between
Word Count: around 1k
Summary: There's a guy sitting at the back of the class who Jess has never spoken to before.
Author's Note: This is based on an ohsam prompt from cowboyguy, but I only managed to finish it now: Stanford era, Sam/Jess. The tall guy in her history class never talks. Jess knows he's smart, and he always pays attention to the professor, but she's pretty sure she's never heard him say a word. Sam with a bad stutter, or selective mutism, or a speech disorder or some kind.

Halfway through writing I thought this fit well with my story 'Below'. So, this is Sam from that story, but a few years later. Although, you don't need to read that in order to read this. Not edited, so there's probably a mountain of errors, but it's a just a sweet and short one. Enjoy!

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Fic: Anywhere But Here

Title: Anywhere But Here
Word Count: around 2k
Pairings: None
Author's Note:

Based on this prompt on ohsam from cowboyguy : 'Sam has a kind of supernatural synesthesia. Which might be great when he's hunting, because he can recognize monsters by the color or sound or whatever that they give off. It's less good when he's faced with beings like Lucifer and other big bads, whose power creates an overwhelming sensory experience.'

I shouldn't be filling a prompt when I have so many other things I'm supposed to be doing, but this prompt was particularly delicious. Not sure if I have synesthesia but every word has a specific taste and colour to me and that's why this prompt drew me in.

This feels unfinished to me, especially since I didn't get around to the 'big bads' part of the prompt. Hopefully, I can add a part 2 later... at some point.

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fic: Below

Title: Below
Summary: Sam's there one second, then he's pulled down so fast there's barely a ripple in his wake.
Word Count: 1783
Author's Note: I have almost 2000 extra words written for this and saved to my computer so maybe there'll be a part 2.

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My piece from the Supernatrual Artbook

If you don't know, the Supernatural Artbook is a charity project created by Sasha, Sasha and Sarah (you can find them on tumblr as armellin, jesusonthetortillas and jaredsnuggles). Hundreds of fanartists got to work to fill this wonderful book with art pieces, and the proceeds for each book sold went to several charities connected to Supernatural actors. You can find out more about the book and the charities here.

A little fact about myself: I am extremely shy and often hesitant to share any art I make on the internet (although I'm working on that) and when I came across artist applications to contribute to the artbook I was very hesitant, but in the end I said to myself 'this is an oportunity you can't pass up!' So, I applied, I got accepted, I got to work. This was several months ago, and I worked on my art piece for several weeks (which is saying something! I have a bad habit of rushing art)

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Art: for quickreaver's fic 'And She Was'

I joined the quicky_bang for the third time! I hadn't taken part since last year and decided spur of the moment to claim a fic. The thought of girl!Sam was too tempting to pass up. To read quickreaver's story 'And She Was' go here.

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Fic: He Who Jumps Into The Void

Title: He Who Jumps Into The Void
Summary: Four times Sam was helpless.
Word Count: somewhere around 1-1.5k
Author's Note: A small collection of ficlet prompts I filled on tumblr. None of the stories are related in any way, besides the delicious amount of hurt!Sam. Featuring: sick!Sam, protective!Dean, Casifer, a five sentence fic, post-Hell/AU!Sam.

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